Tineretului Park

Tineretului Park, one of Bucharest’s largest parks, covers 200 hectares of wellbeing. It is a green space that offers numerous recreation facilities, from areas for walking and jogging, bicycle lanes, areas for skateboarding, tennis, football, basketball, to amusement parks, karting, trains, cars, and carousels – at Orășelul Copiilor.
After a walk or sports activities, you can stop at one of the restaurants in the park, the most famous being the Cafeneaua Actorilor.
Should you want to see a thrilling handball match? The Polyvalent Hall is nearby.
As for educational and artistic activities for children, Palatul Copiilor is the best choice.

Tudor Arghezi Memorial House

The house where the poet Tudor Arghezi lived is probably the quietest place near THE PARK residential project. A large cherry orchard spread on about 1.5 hectares and 18 rooms filled with literary history waiting to be explored by those who want to make a foray into the world created by Arghezi for Mitzura, Baruţu and Zdreanță, the dog. The Memorial House, delivered in 1930, is located on Mărţişor Street, whose name was given by the poet.

Address: no. 26 Mărţişor Street

Bohemia Restaurant

Bohemia restaurant combines culinary art with paintings and was opened in October 2015. It is the creation of Aidan Andon, artist specializing in oil painting on canvas, in black and white exclusively.

Address: no. 55 Tineretului Boulevard


La Călinescu Restaurant, no. 16 Piscului Street
Daimon Trattoria, no. 10 Piscului Street
Casa Diham, no. 8-10 Tineretului Boulevard
Cafeneaua Actorilor, Quay 1, Tineretului Park

THE PARK Apartments is situated only ten minutes away from the area that changed the way Bucharest looks. The Old Historical Centre is the most active area of Bucharest, as it hosts over 150 restaurants, bars and cafes, as well as numerous street happenings around Lipscani Street. For relaxation and wellbeing, do not miss Cărturești Library and Gabroveni Inn that was recently refurbished and became the headquarters of ARCUB Bucharest (Cultural Centre of Bucharest).