School no. 113, no. 4 Parincea Street
School no. 120 (Mărțisor School), no. 39 Mărțisor Street
School no. 97, no. 7 Viorele Street
School no. 100, no. 296 Calea Văcărești
School No. 190, no. 16, Nițu Vasile Street
Saint Joseph’s Roman Catholic College, no. 3-7 Olteniței Road

Bravissimo Art School – music and drama school
Over 250 children attend the singing, piano, guitar, violin, drama and music education classes at Bravissimo Art School. The most famous activity here resulted in the school’s choir, Bravissimo Choir that participated in numerous events, including at the Romanian Radio Orchestras and Choirs. For children who wish to start a music career, Bravissimo has also created a label, which supports young artists by creating songs and videos.

Address: no.22 Mărțișor Street

Kids Palace private elementary school and kindergarten
Kids Palace is one of the largest private educational projects in district 4, including kindergarten, elementary school, before and after school. The building was designed specifically to provide the best conditions of comfort and safety for children and incorporates classrooms with natural light, specially arranged by age and profile, as well as many optional courses.

Address: no. 10 Obolului Street

Mărțișor Kindergarten, no.39 Mărțișor Street
Kindergarten no. 17, no. 3 Tohani Alley
Casa Fericirii Kindergarten, no.71 Radului Street
Yuki Kindergarten, no. 9 Alpineşti Street
Orășelul Magic Kindergarten, no. 16 Băcia Street
Kogaion Kogaion, no. 10B Calea Piscului Street
Micul Prinț Kindergarten, no. 13 Herculane Alley