After Sales Services

Facility Management
Flat Owner’s Association
Rules of Procedure
Technical Manual

Flat Owner’s Association is already established, HANNER having already made all the legal and organizational steps for those who wish to move at THE PARK. The residential project is managed through a maintenance contract and benefits from a team that is in charge of the green spaces, the common spaces, elevators, and the well-functioning of the technical aspects.

The Rules of Procedure is meant to protect your investment and the look of these new apartments developed in downtown Bucharest. Therefore, the exterior units of air conditioning are placed in the balconies, never on the façade and the closing of the balcony is prohibited. HANNER, the developer of THE PARK Apartments, believes in every developer’s responsibility for the city, from the quality of the architecture to the rules of the community.

The buyer’s Technical Manual includes the layouts as built (according to the arrangement quotas and the actual installations of the apartment), the product warranties, and details about the surroundings, useful phone numbers, and recommendations.

Selective recycling is supported by THE PARK through a series of administrative measures that support the selective waste collection. Each family that moves at THE PARK receives three special bags for recycling, with a capacity of 40 litres that they can use to recycle the waste.

Facility Management, with an eye for details, is part of the services offered here, at THE PARK residential project. One such detail is the fact that every ground floor terrace has its own lawn, with individual irrigation system. Green spaces are managed by a specialized company, as well as the elevators and the technical spaces. The Facility Management team is in charge of each supplier and solves administrative issues of common spaces.

Therefore, all problems that could occur in a community when a new building is taken up, from legal issues, contracts, the establishment of the Flat Owner’s Association (including registration at the General Court) to the management of the building’s book (that is not a book, but a series of binders with layouts and technical details) are already solved.