2,000 sqm of green spaces

Playgrounds Bicycle lanes Alleys and common areas for socialising Seasonal vegetation

THE PARK community enjoys over 2,000 square meters of green areas, playgrounds and bicycle lanes. The landscaping design is placed in the space between the three new buildings to ensure discretion and privacy for the residents of THE PARK.

Plant species were chosen so that you can enjoy the landscaping design throughout the year, and also differentiate each of the three entrances to the new apartment buildings in Tineretului Area, at THE PARK.

The landscaping design includes the central area between the buildings, as well as the circulations and access areas around the residential project. It required an investment of around euro 500,000.

Children will have a large playground with swings, slides, trampolines, installations, vegetation umbrella and water drainage systems during the summer for coolness. The project is already inhabited by lots of children of all ages and we hope that the safe and full of vegetation environment will revive the Romanian tradition of playing in front of the building. Time spent with your children at the playground is the best way to enjoy the benefits of THE PARK and to meet your neighbours. The private playground is fenced and has around-the-clock video surveillance. Access is strictly forbidden unless accompanied by a THE PARK resident.