When you make an apartment acquisition at THE PARK, you get more than a space to call your new home. You also get the lifestyle of this residential project, a lifestyle that is taking shape as we deliver buildings 3 and 4 of THE PARK Apartments.

A lifestyle defined by fairness, where the natural feeling of playing in front of the building, while surrounded by trees and beautiful plants, becomes a reality because we created the necessary security and architectural conditions.

A lifestyle that encompasses business meetings or birthday parties organized in the Resident’s Club, our gift for the community. You get management services at reasonable fees that live up to the highest expectations, you get to park your bicycle outside, in the dedicated rack, with video surveillance, in complete security.

THE PARK lifestyle, you will definitely love it. Because, after all, there is nothing special about it. It is natural. And this is good.

The quality of being well done can be measured and attested, as it also includes the quality of the construction - insulation, waterproofing, sound pollution protection, and structural strength, resistance of the facades, solutions for thermal bridges, and many other technical details that we encourage you to ask for when you meet our sales team.

It is a quality that you can even feel when you visit us and see that there are no gas circuits on the facades or in the hallways, that the lobby is designed with vertical gardens, that the lines where walls and ceiling meet are always straight and that the balconies are paved with deck, a special type of treated wood, and can accommodate 6 seater dining tables.

Then, we decided to bring the type of architecture that is specific to expensive projects to a residential project designed for the middle class. The Northern architecture style, with the type of landscape architecture and circuits THE PARK benefits from, can be found exclusively at the so-called luxury projects. In order to provide this, we worked with the most renowned Romanian architects and designers, we included a lot of design produced in Romania and we invested over euro 500,000 in exterior design and landscape architecture, developing a project where plants are chosen so that the garden looks good, all year round.